Trotski & Ash are Sarah Trotter and Romy Ash.

We’re eternally intrigued by recipes and the stories associated with them. I still have the handwritten recipes my mum gave me when I moved out of home and I love that the paper smells of the dish that’s written on it, that some pages are almost see-through from spilt butter, and that these recipes still speak to me of a time that was equally terrifying and exciting. Every recipe has a story and a journey from kitchen to kitchen, passed from friend to friend.

When I met Sarah she served me tea and fresh figs on a beautiful Autumnal day, and we’ve been cooking together ever since. The recipes here are a shared delight and works in progress. We’re not professionally trained, but instead, self-taught, learning by taste, mistakes and the knowledge of our family and friends.

Our friend Lauren Bamford takes the photos for the site.

Thanks so much for reading our blog.