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January 29, 2014

This is a heat wave melon. Melbourne is sweltering through a week of high 30s. All I want to eat right now is this honey dew. Icy cold from the fridge and squeezed with lime, sprinkled with salt and mint. Melons are at their absolute best right about now. I often don’t buy melons because a bad melon is really bad, floury and tasteless, but this honey dew has renewed my love. It was so good, with a heady floral aroma and so sweet. Sarah, Lauren and I sat around my little kitchen table, eating the half melon until there were just rinds left. I love the green on green on green of the melon, lime and mint. This is the first time I’ve salted a melon, something that’s common in southern America and Mexico, but it won’t be the last.

honey dew with lime, salt and mint

half a perfectly ripe honey dew (or rockmelon, or watermelon)
(Look for fruit that has a golden, yellow-ish tinge on the outside, and smells good.)

1 pinch of sea salt
a cheek of lime
a few leaves of mint, sliced thinly

Slice melon into crescent moons. Squeeze over the lime. Sprinkle with salt and mint.

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melon with lime, salt and mint: 2 comments

  1. Claudia Says:

    Lightly salted watermelon is delicious.
    My family also salts oranges- mum always said salt brings out sweetness in the fruit.

  2. Thea Says:

    Just tried this. It was sublime. Thank you!

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