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January 22, 2014

For our Christmas offering we decided to do something a little different.

This year’s calendar is a tea towel.

But there are no months, just beautiful illustrations of fruit and vegetables.


It’s a seasonal calendar – follow the key!

(Southern Hemisphere)

Pineapples are in season in 1, 11 and 12 – January, November and December.

It’s interactive and educational.


But there’s nothing more practical for the kitchen. Keep your dishes dry.


Made of lovely linen/cotton.

Illustrated by trotski & ash.

Printed by the super nice people at super special.

Size – 50cm x 70cm

Price- $20.00

To purchase go here: http://trotskiash.bigcartel.com/

Remember to check your address in paypal.

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fruit and vegetable seasonal calendar tea towel for 2014: 2 comments

  1. Skud Says:

    Where do I order?

    Also, what part of Australia is it based on?

  2. sarah Says:

    Hi there, the tea towel is very general, but availability will rely on where you are. Most of this produce will be available on the east coast and definitely in the south east! Tropical areas, Tasmania and WA will vary. You can purchase them here: http://trotskiash.bigcartel.com/
    Thanks for your question! Sarah

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