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November 9, 2013

We shot some road trip recipes for Kinfolk. Nutritious snacks, so you don’t end up eating bags of lollies, potato chips and truck stop bacon and egg rolls. Though right now, all those things sound really good, they’re not what I actually want on the road. I just want to be nourished. I want a thermos of coffee, and something good to eat by the roadside.

It was our southern hemisphere autumn, shot for the northern hemipshere autumn. With such long lead times for print magazines it means we can shoot in season. Such a treat. We took a road trip to Mt Macedon, a little out of Melbourne. We were hoping for the last of the warm days, that gorgeous orange light Melbourne gets, but we got the first of the cold days, with a low grey sky and mist.

The trees were still beautiful and we found a picnic spot by a creek. Don’t know who HAGAN was, but couldn’t resist putting his name in the shot.

The empanadas would also be perfect to make for a plane journey – I wish I had these on my million hour flight to NYC last week – where in a topsy-turvy turn of events I’m here in Autumn, in time to see Kinfolk in the shops. Find our candied walnut recipe there, and the empanada recipe here.

Thank you Mr Kitly, for the borrow of the beautiful Nousaka tin sake cups (we used them for coffee) and the MokuNeji thermos (out of shot). And thank you to our handsome model Murray (also out of shot!).

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