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August 13, 2013

Sarah makes these for the beginnings of a dinner party, when everyone is just standing around talking and being silly. Straight from the fryer, covered in copious pinches of sea salt, they have a taste that’s bordering on transcendental. The onions are sweet, the batter crunchy and so light. Nothing better to have with a beer, really. The rings are also a really good substitute for fried fish in a faux fish taco. Use the onion rings in a taco with coleslaw, chipotle mayonnaise and some salsa verde.

We had them recently, just with beer on a cool afternoon, one of the first things Sarah has cooked since her hand healed. She’s been out of action with a broken wrist – bike accident uuurrrggggghhh – and not even able to chop anything, bake anything, stir anything requiring the holding of the bowl at the same time as the stirring. Incapacitated. With the rings and the beers we celebrated her release from the prison of plaster.

brown onion rings

(This is our friend Huw’s recipe, the soda water is the secret!)

3 brown onions, chopped into 1cm thick rounds and separated into rings
50g corn flour
500ml sunflower oil / grapeseed oil
12 tbsp plain flour
5 tbsp soda water
sea salt

Sprinkle the corn flour over the separated onion rings and toss, making sure the rings are completed floured. Heat the fryer oil.

Mix the plain flour and soda water until smooth with a fork or whisk. There should be no lumps. Dip a corn-floured onion ring into the mixture and then, to test temperature add an onion ring to the fryer, the hot oil should bubble energetically. If it doesn’t remove the onion ring and let the oil continue to heat. When oil is hot add the onion rings to the soda water batter, and straight to the fryer. After a couple of minutes, turn the onion rings and cook until golden brown. Don’t try to do too many onion rings at a time, just one layer. When golden brown remove to some kitchen paper, then to a bowl to salt. Serve immediately.

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brown onion rings: 7 comments

  1. meds Says:

    simple. simply beautiful 🙂

  2. me Says:

    This sensuous delight deserves some special attention! Yum.

    Do you have to use a special piece of paper to soak up the oil, or will any A4 sheet do? Alternatively I have some comic book pages if that won’t cut the mustard.

    Glad your wrist is better.

  3. Leni Says:

    I can’t wait to make them and I’ll be sure to use them in tacos! I’ve been dreaming of eating that ever since I read the recipe 🙂

  4. isha Says:

    cant wait to make them, looks yummmmy:)

  5. francesca Says:

    Dear Trotski Ash…I love you! I have been looking for a good and simple recipe for onion rings for ever…I finally made them yesterday, but I have to say that I had to change the quantity of the ingredients…I used 2 onions instead of 3 (but that’s just because I didn’t have enough brave people around me to eat them all) and I had to make more batter than what came out with your recipe.
    For those of you out there who want to make them, just play with the ingredients to find the right quantities, otherwise, they’re just incredibly buonissimi!!!!

  6. sarah Says:

    Thanks so much Francesca! I will try this again tonight and adjust accordingly. Ill try and specify the size of the onion too! We love feedback and appreciate the heads up.

  7. Chiara Says:

    These look fantastic – I haven’t had onion rings in such a long time! Whenever Melbourne finally heats up these would go perfectly with beers in the sun.

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