| a pink citrus salad and scallops in their shell

February 18, 2013

Just something pretty in pink for your Tuesday afternoon. A valentine’s dinner we made for our friends at Svbscription.

Salad with purple chive flowers, the pop of finger limes, bitter leaves and sweet citrus. Finger limes are a native Australian fruit, grown in northern NSW and southern QLD and they’re in season now. Open out the fingers and inside they look like caviar, with their blush of pink. They taste similar to lime. The salad is to accompany scallops in their shells. The pearlescent pink of the scallop shells looking so good with the dainty salad. Oranges are, of course, not in season, but this is a salad made for northern hemisphere readers. For those in the south, leave out the orange and tone down the bitter leaves, adding pea shoots or sweet greens. The salad was in part, inspired by this salad by the ever beautiful cannelle et vanille.

The picture is of our prepped ingredients. For the recipe head to the Svbscription blog. This is not just for valentine’s, cook a meal for someone you love any day of the week.

Thanks so much to Mr Kitly for the props used in this shoot.

(except for those little teaspoons which were my grandmother’s)

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  1. thecitygourmand Says:

    A lovely refreshing dish, fresh scallops are always a bonus!

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