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December 5, 2012

Announcing the 2013 t&a calendar for purchase. We are busy with construction, tying all the pretty calendars with twine. Makes me want some scones pretty bad, all rosy and pumpkiny in their bowl, or some raw linguini, the pile of delectable tendrils on a plate. It is a hungry job. The photos are more luxurious this year, the calendar a bit bigger. We hope ya’ll love it as much as we do.

Also announcing the bureau of meteorology’s prediction of 37C for Saturday in Melbourne. Best go to the beach. Best go to the beach with a raspberry chardonnay popsicle. With those raspberries hanging suspended in the boozy juice. Best release their jeweled flesh with an icy bite.

See you next week when the cool change has come, sand on our feet, with a tower of calendars ready to post.

Raspberry Chardonnay Popsicle

1 cup of raspberries
150ml cloudy apple juice
1 cup of chardonnay

Place raspberries into the popsicle moulds. Mix apple juice and chardonnay and top up the popsicle moulds with this mixture. Use some wooden chopsticks trimmed to size for the popsicle handle. Freeze.

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