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August 16, 2010

I know it’s still winter, but the magnolia and the cherry blossoms are out, and for my birthday last month I flew to the northern hemisphere to celebrate with my brother in Kyoto where he lives, where it’s summer. I was abominably hot for two weeks and between adventuring Dane and I sat in his air-conditioned apartment on tatami and ate these noodles. They should really be served with a cube of ice. The days were that hot. We ate them for lunch just on their own, or for dinner as part of a cold salad feast with chopped perfectly ripe tomatoes and basil, little mild peppers fried with sesame oil, cold silken tofu with soy sauce.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find the soba dipping sauce here, but the asian grocer provided. Put the chopped spring onions, and wasabi in the dipping sauce, which is kind of like soy, but sweeter and more fragrant, almost lemony, and dip the noodles in with each mouthful. It’s perfectly cool and refreshing and something I want to remember for the 40C days ahead. I was just swooped by a magpie – spring must be nearly here!

Cold Soba Noodles

250g soba noodles,
spring onions, sliced finely
soba noddle dipping sauce

Cook noodles as per packet instructions, run under cold water and set aside. Assemble on a plate with wasabi, spring onions and dipping sauce.

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cold soba noodles: 4 comments

  1. chika Says:

    hi romy – oh i could do with bowls of this right now! yes it’s hot, hot, hot over here. hope you have a great time in kyoto, although it does (and did) get steamy hot and extremely humid around there in the summer. if you find it still too cold to eat these chilled noodles where you are, they are totally delicious served warm, too; just warm up the dipping sauce but make sure you don’t leave the noodles in it for too long, for they can loose their texture really quick in warm liquid.

  2. romy Says:

    Thanks Chika!

    I will definitely try a warm version.

  3. Dane Says:

    I can always send you some mirin, dashi, ponzu or tsuyu. Can you get ponzu in Australia? The citron sauce.

  4. romy Says:

    Yeah, I found some Ponzu too! Yum!

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