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June 18, 2010

This week all the work Sarah and I have done has been accompanied by a fruit and nut brownie. Each day I have had one packed in my bag for afternoon tea, and it’s been making these days filled with too many things to do bearable. I hate being a busy person. Maybe it’s because the days are so physically short at the moment – it is almost the winter solstice – that they feel so long. We aren’t actually working until late at night, it just feels like we are because it’s pitch black at five. All I want to do is stare at the ocean. There’s something about blue water, the horizon line, and blue sky that makes everything feel right. We’ve booked in a tiny trip to look at some freezing ocean. Hopefully the sky will be clear, the days cold and shiny. Until then we have the brownies.

Sarah has been playing around with the concept of the fruit and nut brownie since the beginning of the year, and last Sunday she got it ridiculously right. They’re perfectly fudgy. They have the beautiful brownie top that looks like dried, cracked mud, and the dark complexity of the prunes is a delicious surprise. Perhaps I’ll even make her pack some for the trip to the ocean.

Fruit and Nut Brownies

185g soft unsalted butter
185g dark chocolate
3 free-range eggs
1tsp vanilla
250g caster sugar
120g plain flour
pinch salt
80g chopped sultanas
80g chopped prunes
80g chopped walnuts
80g chopped macadamias

Preheat the oven to 180 C. Line the brownie pan. A shallow, rectangular tin is best. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a large heavy based saucepan. In a large bowl or jug whisk together the sugar, eggs and vanilla until combined. In another bowl measure out the flour and salt. Add the nuts. When the chocolate and butter have melted and cooled a little, mix in the egg mixture. Then the flour and nuts. When combined scrape into your prepared tin. Bake for 25mins, the brownies should still be a bit gooey. You don’t want them to be too firm as they will continue to cook while cooling in their tin. Chop into squares.

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fruit and nut brownies: 8 comments

  1. chika Says:

    hi there- i remember you tweeted about your idea of fruit & nut brownies a while back and i went like uh-oh! excited to finally get to see them here, and oh do they look scrumptious! thanks for sharing and hope you’re coping with the long and dull melbourne autumn/winter.

  2. romy Says:

    Hi chika! Yes, they are finally up!

    Sarah loves the winter, I’m the one that needs a brownie to survive.

  3. green apple sorbet Says:

    These look AMAZING, I will definitely give them a try!
    Happy cooking 🙂

  4. bianca Says:

    Fruit and nut brownie, thats what i call balance!

  5. Clara Says:

    I made these last week for work and they were the perfect mid-morning and mid-afternoon pep-me-up. They were also a great breakfast and lessert (lunch dessert)! Actually these were great at any time of the day. Thank you for researching the best recipe!

  6. Desma Says:

    I am certainly making these! Might make them early next week and take some for “you know who”!

  7. Chocolate and fresh mint brownies | Rolling Barefoot Says:

    […] Adapted from Trotski & Ash’s Fruit and Nut Brownies […]

  8. lydia Says:

    these were delightful, albeit particularly gooey given the combination of my oven and poor time management.. i had to bake them twice, but they were robust, used the prunes languishing in my larder, stood up to the twice cooked challenge and tickled our sweet teeth.. thank you

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