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January 17, 2010

Our friend Nadia is the only person we know who bakes in 35 degree heat. She baked these cookies in the midst of those insanity inducing heatwave days we had last week. But we ate the cookies at our friend’s block down by the beach where we could bask in the heat, swim in the ocean and sit outside their caravan, all of us happily encrusted in salt and sand, our mouths full of sugary crumb. Once you’ve baked these it takes immense will power not to eat them for every meal. I even ate cookies for breakfast before my first swim of the day.

Now, the resting time might seem excessive, ridiculous even but it very seriously makes a difference. The texture of the cookie is much superior after its night’s rest. It develops an excellent bite to it. Nadia always doubles the recipe. This makes so many cookies, but because the dough has to sit for so long anyway we see no point in only making a little dough. Nadia wants to be the kind of woman who always has the potential to have warm cookies on the table within half an hour – so having excess cookie dough in the freezer (rolled up into balls and wrapped in clingwrap) makes this much easier. If you mentally ignore the resting time, baking the cookies themselves only takes 10 minutes. So quick.

Eaten after just a little time to cool the cookies are crunchy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside, with the chocolate chips still hot and melted. But eaten at room temperature they’re just as good.

Nadia says that sending these cookies express post to someone equals a love/soul bond forever and always. Imagine opening one of those yellow and red express post bags to reveal a box of these perfect cookies. That’s love. Bake these cookies this week while the weather is cool, and send to QLD where it really is too hot and sweaty to have the oven on.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Adapted from a family recipe Nadia has for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a recipe published in The New York Times (2008), David Leite, and Jacques Torres

3 ½ cups plain flour
1 ¼ tsp baking soda
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1 ½ tsp Maldon sea salt
1 ¼ cups unsalted butter
1 ¼ cups brown sugar
1 cup raw granulated/Demerara sugar (Nadia only uses Demerara sugar if the cookies are aimed at winning someone’s affections, otherwise raw granulated sugar is fine.)
2 free-range eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
600g bitter chocolate chips/chunks
Maldon sea salt

Sift dry ingredients together. Cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time and the vanilla. Add dry ingredients to the buttery-sugar mixture, then chocolate chips. Mix until just combined.

The cookie dough should be cool and firm, so wrap in clingwrap and chill. The dough gets better and better and ideally should be chilled overnight (or for 36 hours as in the New York Times recipe).

Preheat oven to 180C. When dough has had time to chill roll into 50c piece-ish sized balls and flatten ever so slightly. Here it is really just like giving them a little love blessing with the back of a wooden spoon. Place on baking paper. Sprinkle each cookie with a little Maldon sea salt. To bake use a good quality aluminium cookie sheet with no edges. This is important for the even heating of the cookies.

Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes. A little less, a little more, depending on your oven – until they are golden brown but still soft. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

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chocolate chip cookies: 21 comments

  1. Lauren B Says:

    Oh gosh you can express post these to Buderim anytime ladies! xx

  2. Lorelei Says:

    Yes, 2 x boxes of these to Buderim on the double please, Ash and/or Trotski! They are total objects d’art.

  3. Rosie Says:

    This is NOT what my detoxing self needed to read about, OH MY GOD!

  4. Kimberley Says:

    Just a wee note to say that I have baked these for birthday, thank you and ‘just because’ presents and they were a fanastic hit. So a big thank you to you guys for helping me treat my friends to this sweet-salty amazingness x

  5. Liesl Says:

    Being a two-time ex-housemate of Nadia’s I can vouch for both her amazing baking skills and this particular recipe. In Brisbane we had a massive container of this dough in the freezer which I would scoop spoonfuls from and eat frozen.

    Possibly even better than these cookies is Nadia’s chocolate caramel slice!

  6. Anna Says:

    I really want to try these but I’m not sure how to work out 1 1/4 cups of butter. Can you give the measurement in grams?

  7. romy Says:

    280g should do it Anna. Have fun!

  8. Nadia Says:

    I just had to look up my own recipe on here! Going to make them now. Sarah and Romy – will save you some greedy gutses xx

  9. Romy Says:

    Nadia, I baked these yesterday too! I need sustenance for a spiritual journey to the forest today. YUM.

  10. Yvette Says:

    I just came home from work on a chilly chilly evening feeling a bit miserable to find my darling husband and the kitchen covered in flour, as he attempted to make these cookies for me. He has never baked before and has only been cooking a few months so I commend his noble efforts! Just as he had started mixing the dry ingredients a jar of almonds fell out of the cupboard right into the mixing bowl, exploding in a cloud of white. Poor fella. I am highly anticipating tasting his efforts!

  11. Caroline Says:

    I can’t wait to try these, they look just gorgeous! I usually rely on brownies as a study incentive, but I have just found a new study partner!

  12. Cath Says:

    Looks wonderful. My husband will love it.

  13. Lara Says:

    Okay I just made these, and they taste delicious! The only thing is they dont look even close to yours (that old chestnut).. more specifically not nearly that thin. were they meant to spread out more in the oven? or did you squish yours a little more than a little ‘love blessing’ with a wooden spoon?
    I am determined to perfect them with the rest of the dough i have saved in the freezer!

  14. romy Says:

    Hi Lara – I guess it does depend on how hard you love – they shouldn’t look like balls after the love blessing. They should be flat-ish.

  15. Leah Says:

    This dough has been tempting me for days in my fridge – now I have a question about freezer storage. ‘Rolled into balls’, how small a ball are we talking here? And what is the defrosting process, and does frozen dough have a lifespan?

    About to take first batch out of the oven…

  16. romy Says:

    Leah, I think it depends how big you want your batches of cookies to be … make the balls of dough to suit the amount of cookies you want to cook at each time.

    Defrost as normal – take them out of the freezer the night before, or the morning before you want to bake it.

    Sarah just found some dough at the freezer from last year – it was still delicious!

  17. Jill Says:

    I just made these – Delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Only, I used really coarse raw sugar. Need to find a finer raw sugar for next time. But, they were still wonderful! I made one recipe – I made approx. (30) golf-ball size balls and then squished them down to about 1/2″ thick before baking. They turned out fairly large – about 4″ across – (I only baked 5 cookies per baking sheet) but a great size!
    For american measurements – 600g. of chocolate chips is roughly 21 oz. Then, preheat your oven to 350.

  18. Lyd Says:

    Bit late, but just wanted to let you know that I made these along with your brown sugar biscuits for Christmas. I decided to make homemade hampers as presents for my picky family. Worked a treat, they all got gobbled down quick smart.

    Keep up the good (delicious & pretty) work! x

  19. sarah Says:

    Those cookies look delicious and are so prettily wrapped! The New York Times chocolate chip cookie is my absolute adored comfort food…seems identical to your recipe but using plain flour instead of cake/bread flour, wonder if there’s a reason you made that change?

  20. romy Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I think it’s unnecessary to use the cake/bread flour. Plain flour works just as well, and we’re more likely to have it in the pantry!

  21. Small beginnings | Says:

    […] The recipe is from my lovely friends over at Trotski-Ash. They also make a fantastic cauliflower soup, and I happen to have it on good authority that they have the best pumpkin pie recipe out there on their site. I should know, it’s somewhat of a Snaith family heirloom! […]

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